Server Requirements

Server Requirements

Pulse requires an Apache based server with at least PHP 5.6* (or higher) installed. This includes the majority of low-cost shared hosting suppliers, such as Dreamhost, Bluehost, 1und1, GoDaddy, Inmotionhosting and many more.

It also works with PHP 7, Nginx and cloud services like Amazon EC2 or Digital Ocean.

Test your server with the Server Testing Tool found here.

Unzip the “” file and upload reqs.php to your server. Then go to to view the results.

Hosting Options

You can host your Pulse CMS install on any Apache or Nginx compatible server. Most servers meet the basic requirements as above. 

*We require at least PHP 5.6 because of security issues (anything less is "end of life") and we now need at least 5.6 for some specific features in Pulse. If you can't install PHP 5.6 on your server because your host won't let you, run them through the security risks of doing so or change hosts.

Running on a local machine for development

Pulse also works locally with MAMP to test on your local machine before uploading to your server.

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