Is this a subscription? Student discount? Can I always use this? And other common questions!

This is a common set of questions with some answers:

I'm on Pulse 3 (or 4) how do I upgrade to the latest version, including Pulse 5?
If you've already got access to the Pulse dashboard you'll know about it, login and upgrade to download. However, most likely you haven't done that yet so will need to register for a free account, upgrade, and we'll give you instant dashboard access to get the latest version, and versions into the future.

Is there a student / teacher / education discount?
Yes!  Email us for this (50% off).

Is this a subscription model / pay monthly payment plan?
Actually, you can pay for Pulse and use that for multiple sites forever. Initially when you check out you will be charged $297 for 12 months. This will auto-renew after that period but you can cancel anytime. All sites made during this period (you can add new sites even after that year) continue to work forever. You only need to pay $297/year if you want to continue to receive major updates and support.

Do you provide free updates?
Yes! The updates are free for 12 months. So, for example at the time of writing 4.7.1 is the latest version. If you buy today, you'll get version 5 and all major versions after that for the next 12 months.

What if I want Pulse 6 or more updates after say, 12 months, or some time in the future?
Sure! Then just buy it again and you'll get the latest code base and another 12 months of awesomeness.

How about email support?
Same as above, this is also for 12 months and can be extended.

Will my sites stop working if I don't pay again beyond those 12 months?
Certainly not! Your sites will still be alive and working well. The only thing that will change is those sites will remain in their current version of Pulse. So as we release new updates and features you won't be able to update those sites unless you extend. But then again, those sites might not need updating, it's entirely up to you. 

So, I'm free to buy, build and walk away?
Yes exactly. So Pulse is great for 1 project or 100 projects. And for client work that is one-time payment job. If you want to charge your customers monthly then that's a great way for you to build your business but also if you just want to make and go onto the next one - the license / pricing of Pulse helps you do that.

Do you host Pulse now? Is it cloud based?
No! You can host Pulse on your own server or your client's server. We don't host anything. Once you buy Pulse with you an account to download the latest code base, but that's it for online hosting. Once you have downloaded it you don't need to log back in or depend on our servers for anything.

How about your Pulse tools?
Yes we provide a few extra powerful tools in your Pulse account which are there as a convenience. For example, a form builder and ecommerce shop builder. Login, create and copy and paste into your Pulse. But these are just free complimentary adding and there's no obligation to use them. The  addon directory has a growing number of 3rd party adding you can download and install.

How about seats?
If you work alone, don't worry about this one. If you work in a team of two or more (in your agency or company) you'll need to buy a seat / account access upgrade for each user. The more of you there are, the more you are discounted per user.  Log in to your account for more details.

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