Freeway action for Pulse

The Pulse Action for Freeway Pro allows you to easily create templates for Pulse versions 4 and above.

What does the Action do?

This page Action will adjust Freeway's default HTML output allowing you to easily convert a standard HTML into a Pulse 4 template.

Specifically the Action adds or alters the following code:

  • It adjusts the path to all of the resources (images, CSS, scripts etc) on the page so that Pulse can load them from the templates directory on the server
  • It adds in the correct PHP to display the current page name in Pulse
  • It adds in (or updates) the meta description for the page so, again, the CMS can update this data on the page

Assuming you had an image path like this:

<img id="monarch-logo" src="Resources/monarch-logo.png" alt="monarch-logo">

the Action will automatically adjust the HTML to become:

<img id="monarch-logo" src="<nobr><?php echo $path; ?></nobr>/template/Resources/monarch-logo.png" alt="monarch-logo">

Learn more about the action and download it from Tim's page >

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