Build in RapidWeaver edit with Pulse

Create Pulse sites using RapidWeaver and Stacks.

Requires RapidWeaver 7 or higher and Yourhead Stacks 3 or higher (Stacks and Pulse are separate purchases).

Welcome RapidWeavers to the CMS you've been wanting. Work how you always do with any theme (or Foundation or Foundry) & Stacks. Edit online with the flexible CMS for RapidWeaver.

Create in RapidWeaver

Make your site the way you always do with Stacks & RapidWeaver. Add a blog, image galleries, sliders, blocks, contact forms... without needing to setup or install a database. Phew. 
The exact same simplicity as you'd expect from RapidWeaver.

Take any Theme, Framework or RapidWeaver project you have made and connect it to Pulse with the  Stacks from inStacks.

Read the docs and tutorials 

Works with Frameworks

100% compatibility with  Foundation theme for RapidWeaver by Joe Workman and any Foundation Project (such as the delightful Iceland template), as well as the excellent Foundry by Elixir, without any work or integration needed on your part. It just works.

Supported by Chillidog Hosting

If you already use  Chillidog Hosting, just log into your account and install Pulse CMS with one-click. Get yourself a license and the Stacks and you're away.


Video tutorials by inStacks showing you how to setup & install Pulse in RapidWeaver with Stacks. Including: adding galleries, blogs and other Stacks such as CustomFont & Gallery Stack 3 by inStacks and Animagic animations by Elixir. More tutorial documentation and a RapidWeaver test project can be found on the  Stacks tutorial page.

RapidWeaver CMS Course

Learn how to add online editing to RapidWeaver using Pulse CMS so you and your clients can update sites from anywhere in the world via a web browser. This course will teach you how allow users to login and update text, images, photo galleries, and more.

Learn more on this great course 

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