3rd Party Developers

Meet DaveWho is Dave?

He has a Ferrari and has made $millions doing something online in his free time. Lucky him. He certainly wasn't developing 3rd-party add ons for Pulse CMS, that's for sure. 

But he damn should have. He'd be much more fulfilled for one thing.

Welcome to Pulse and your new playground of fun.

A few reasons why you  should develop for Pulse. It's not a get-rich-quick-scheme and certainly not a weekend of champagne showers, but it will be a fun ride and here's why:

Reason #1
 Pulse is backed by a small, close-knit, but growing, community - as you can see from the  forums.
Reason #2
 It's a solid code base and the product and has been developed over the past 7 years, and with a good reputation.
Reason #3
 Pulse powers 4,000+ deployed sites and it's growing all the time.
Reason #4
 It's easy to theme using  pulse tags and convert any HTML template into the Pulse templating engine. It won't make you bang your head against a wall, like with that other famous CMS.
Reason #5
 It's also easy to make PHP/HTML/JS/CSS plugins that extend the power of Pulse using the blocks and power blocks built into the source code.
Reason #6
 Pulse is a really easy to use CMS that customers really love. They dig the simplicity of it.
Reason #7
 There's active development of the source code with a full 12-18 month golden roadmap already planned going into future versions, and then grow from there. It's going to be around for a while and with a bright future.
Reason #8
 There's reinvigorated exuberance surrounding the project as now under new leadership!
Reason #9
 An opportunity to get in early and be a leading active 3rd-party developer for when this project really blossoms.
Reason #10
 Earn money doing what you love or increase your online reputation as an awesome developer by helping an active and growing product.
Reason #11
 Get a  cool tee on the house to welcome you to the developer family, that way you can look as cool as the CMS.
Reason #12
 Talk directly with other developers on our private Slack channel. Grow your business, share tips and even merge code or ideas to the Pulse core. We want to grow everything together. All ships rise in high tide.

How to develop for Pulse?

Step 1
  Email here for a developer's license and the source code.
Step 2
 Build and test your addon.
Step 3
 Host a demo of your addon, along with a download or purchase link, on your server.
Step 4
 Upload your addon to the  Pulse addons area.
Step 5
 Promote to your email subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook group and announce in the Pulse forums and we'll also do our best to promote your creative pieces across our network too.

For premium addons you will receive  100% of the revenue so this could be a great opportunity to get creative, help Pulse users get what they want more easily and for you to build a business around your skills. Match made in heaven. 

Be great to have you on board developing for Pulse and looking forward to welcoming you to the family! 

Michael Frankland

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