Add a Blog

The Pulse CMS blog feature allows you to add a basic blog with comments and RSS to any page on your site.


To get started, just add this to a page:


If you embed the blog into a page called 'blog', then no futher configuration is required.

If you placed the blog on your homepage, then edit the default .htaccess file in your site root and change p=blog to p=home in both lines like below:

RewriteRule ^blog-page-([^-]*)$ ?page=$1&p=home [L]<br>RewriteRule ^blog-([^-]*)+? ?d=$1&p=home [L]

To place the blog on a page called /news and also modify the URLs to say 'news' instead of 'blog' the following configuration is needed:

Embed Tag:



RewriteRule ^news-page-([^-]*)$ ?page=$1&p=news [L]<br>RewriteRule ^news-([^-]*)+? ?d=$1&p=news [L]


$url_prefix = 'news';

Editing Posts

Once the blog is setup, you are ready to head over to the blog admin to create and edit posts.

Posts are sorted by number, the highest number will be the latest post. So if the last post was '3.txt', then the next post should be named '4.txt'.

For each post, there are three items that need to be filled out, title, date and the content. The only one that you must be careful with is the date. In order for it to display properly on the frontent, it must be in the following format.


Although the date is formatted in this style in the admin, you can change its appearance on the frontend by editing the config.php file. The default display format is: 'Sep 27, 2014'.

Truncating Posts

If you wish to truncate a post and only reveal a portion of it and have the rest hidden with a 'Read More' button, just add the following tag anywhere in your post.


Manual Editing of Blog Files

If you want to manually edit or create a post, you need to know how the .txt files are formatted. To create a new post, the file needs to be set up as follows:

A Very Nice Blog Post


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Line 1 is for the blog title, line 2 is for the date and line 3 is where the content begins. A blank line should be separating all three parts.

Blog posts can be composed in HTML or  Markdown.

Customizing CSS

The blog was designed to be as neutral as possible so it fits into almost any design. But you can tweak the few css rules that set up the structure of the blog by editing 'inc/tags/css/blog.css'.

Enabling Comments

By default, blog comments are disabled. If you wish to turn on blog comments, you must first register for a free account at

Next, edit config.php and set the  $disqus_comments to 'true' and enter your account name in the $disqus_shortname variable.

Creating Draft Posts

Add "draft" before the blog file name to put it in draft mode. So, for example, with "draft1.txt" and "draft2.txt" both these posts will be in draft mode. 

Then when you are happy with the post and want it to go live, delete "draft" to make it "1.txt" or "2.txt" again and it will go public and everyone will be able to see it appear in their browser!

Importing a Blog

Importing a blog from your (or a client's) current site is really easy. 

Firstly, gather the RSS feed of the site you would like to import.
Go to blog > import and paste in the RSS URL and "import".

Pulse will then automatically create all the posts from this feed creating separate blog text files in the process as well as downloading all associated images and putting them into the media folder. 

The importer will import from RSS and ATOM formats. 

As of version 4.6.2 it's now possible to also different kinds of sources and will loop through even long and heavy WordPress blogs over multiple pages with 100s of blog posts. There's an option added for the page extension name and max number of pages. 
Add the paging variable name such as "page" or "?paged=" (depending on how the blog source separates pages of blog posts) and a maximum number of pages to visit. 

Please only import from sites that you own or have permission to do so. For example, your own site or a client's site.

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