Blocks Basics

For a full list of Tags and a "Tags cheatsheet" - see the Pulse5 PDF manual:

Blocks are sections of content that you can edit with an easy to use WYSIWYG editor ( Redactor).

Blocks are useful for sections of content that repeat or if you just want to make editing easier for someone who prefers not to edit pages in html or  markdown.

To place a block into a page, use the following syntax:


This tells Pulse to look for a block in the blocks folder called 'myblock.txt' and place its content at the current position.

Note: You can only place blocks into a "page" within the Pulse admin, you cannot embed into external pages outside of the admin.

Super Blocks

Super blocks are like regular blocks with two differences. First the editor is removed and a plain text editor is provided. Second, you can have code such as PHP and JS in the block. To create a Super Block, just create a new block and prefix the name with 'sb_', for example 'sb_myblock'.

If you would like all blocks to be super blocks by default, you can disable the WYSIWYG editor in config.php globally.

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