Settings to start using Pulse

All settings in Pulse are stored centrally in a file called config.php in the root of your site. There are about 25 different settings, but the three you that you absolutely must configure right away are:

$pulse_serial     = '' ;

$path       = '';
$password   = 'yourpassword';

1. The $path setting is where your Pulse install is located. If Pulse is installed in the root of your site then leave it blank. If you installed into a sub-folder, then it should be set as '/foldername'.

2. The $password setting is the password for your admin login. It's important to change this from the default (demo) right away.

3. If you are using Pulse locally you can worry about the $pulse_serial setting after you move your Pulse install to a server. However, if you are developing your site on a remote server (or are ready to put your Pulse project live) you will need to insert your license here right away, otherwise Pulse will stop working.

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The rest of the settings are non-critical and you can set them as needed.

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