Version History

Release notes, version history and update information.

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  • NEW! Redactor 3 added! Better design and much easier to use. Updated to Redactor 3.0.11 (from 3.0.9)
  • NEW! Streamlined Inline Editing! No longer a popup. Just click anywhere on the live page as a logged in Editor or Admin and edit the content - like magic! Click and edit!
  • NEW! Quick edit mode on front end. Air toolbar pop up shows essential edit attributes such as text styles and images. For more detailed editing and Meta data etc, login to the backend admin panel to refine those changes.
  • NEW! Full formatting is available inside the tables for WYSIWYG. Many people asked about this.
  • NEW! Allow users to add snippets, embed code, tweets etc. as a widget from the WYSIWYG


  • NEW! RapidWeaver integration: this streamlined click-to-edit is also working in RapidWeaver built Pulse sites.
  • New things ready for RapidWeaver integration: Inline Editing, lightbox styling, statistics and various bug fixes
  • RapidWeaver integration: Poster Stack layout settings for blog
  • Added additional CSS classes to the blog, also standard RapidWeaver classes, for more blog layouts and more advanced RapidWeaver blog integration
  • NEW! Update a Pulse install! Admins can upload the latest Pulse zip file to auto update their Pulse core files install without having to go into the server files. Download the latest from Pulse Dashboard and upload the ZIP. Pulse auto backups up and uploads the latest Pulse build (always recommended to take another pre-backup too of course!)

  • NEW! Added a Blog “back” button
  • NEW! Blog now shows time of creation (The settings is handled via the date_format setting)
  • NEW! Blog posts can now be timestamped for future release! Future dating a blog post moves it into draft mode. Everyday, posts scheduled for that day will be auto unlocked and released
  • There’s now a RSS feed per blog! Accessed at /[blogname]/rss


  • Nós falamos Português do Brasil! Pulse5 now ships with Brazilian Portuguese as standard in the admin.
  • Мы говорим по-русски! Pulse5 now ships with Russian as standard in the admin
  • Nosotros hablamos Español! Pulse5 now ships with Spanish as standard in the admin.
  • NEW Language - Romanian added!


  • NEW Tag!! We are able to add new pages to the navigation - good.
    But, what if you have a page not in the navigation and want to link to it? {{link:page/animal/hippo}} or {{link:blog/1}} will create links to pages in a Pulse site.
  • A new dedicated loop tag. The usage is {{block_loop:"block folder name":"width of block including units or %"}} eg {{block_loop:"contact":"30%"}} . This will show the blocks in the content/blocks/contact and each block will be 30% of the container width.


  • NEW! Template now includes the language setting. See the Manual around page 38 on how to adapt the of the template to auto-insert the page language setting.
  • NEW! Multi-navigations are now possible for different page layouts. “All" is the default navigation category option and more can be made depending on your site layout needs

  • NEW! Debug testing included. This allows smoother updates and test cases for confirmed bugs to trap regressions. Export Debug settings from Admin Settings Extend Panel.
  • Log viewer added in settings > extended area. Download the logs to debug/error test or viewer directly inside the Admin settings


  • Added checkbox to contact form for agreeing t&c for GDPR. It’s also recommended to use SMTP and SSL servers to receive email.


  • The Masonry Gal, Gal tag and Blog tags (blog-list, blog, blog-tags) now use Flexbox!

  • Blocs app integration: Pulse 5.1 now works with Blocs app for Mac! Make Pulse templates without any code


  • Improved the Template importer so that it’s ready to import Pulse Builder made templates.



  • Navigations also get CSS class for easier styling
  • Handle empty paths in navigation more elegantly
  • Menu items in settings drag and drop now capitalised
  • Drag and drop improvements for navigation menu settings
  • Allow for navigation tag to use sub menus


  • Layout change for templates! Now using Block tags for embedding CSS and JS in the layout - rather than more complex lines. See the manual and demo theme layout.php for what to do with {{theme_css}}, {{theme_js}} and {{theme_js_body}}

  • Backend edit mode now scrolls with a floating edit toolbar - great for Blocks and Pages with long content. Saves you scrolling back to top to get edit options.

  • Redactor Edit Toolbar now appears as separate squares and not scrolling - looks better on Windows with Internet Explorer
  • In edit mode, on page load the cursor appears in the edit box at the beginning to help with usability
  • Frontend parsedown switched off so it’s now possible to edit Markdown easily with inline editing

  • Allow for multiple Search Tags on a page
  • Policy Tag improved to add example Data protection policy in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Admin Dashboard now powered by Flexbox and not Masonry for greater flexibility across screen dimensions!
  • Admin.css cleaned up and added some more semantic elements
  • Upgrade vue.js to latest build


  • Autofocus taken off search input for better usability on mobile
  • Dutch language for Redactor Plugins improved and checked 







  • Fix for Navigation not appearing on site install without “saving” the navigation in settings to get it to appear
  • Fix for paths being broken in sub folder installs with navigation going to the wrong pages
  • Fix for item path normalisation when embedding in non-Pulse sites
  • Added a fix for missing /slash in menu paths. 
  • Fix for the navigation non-pulse urls and to get the sub-menus working better
  • Frontend parsedown switched off so it’s now possible to edit Markdown easily with inline editing







PULSE 5.0.3



PULSE 5.0.2


  • Delete paths - e.g. delete blog no longer takes you to dashboard
  • When creating a new folder and renaming, the redirection takes you back to what was being edited, and not the dashboard
  • After uploading a theme, redirected back to settings for theme selection 
  • Empty blocks no longer killing the site (client protection):
  • Front end navigation no longer shows extra spaces in the menu item
  • Editors now longer see the Page content
  • Admin create page - no longer accessible to editors
  • NEW - Sweetalert popups now have options in the settings for time delay and deactivation
  • NEW - Blog date format now a select (dropdown) on the settings page








  • PDFs can be added using the WYSIWYG editor. But if they don’t appear PDF embedding can be done using the object tag eg:
<pre><object width="400" height="400" data="[base url]/content/media/testpdf.pdf"></object></pre>

  • Some code optimisations for even better performance


  • Justforms tag embed fixed
  • Forms now submit better on mobile devices
  • Forms send notifications with reply-to from the user’s account for less confusion
  • Forms can now be duplicated
  • New WYSIWYG editor 
  • Better export functionality (export to Excel, CSV etc)

PULSE 5.0.1


  • Added version number in footer of Admin Settings, along with a link to the version history
  • Added links in admin/install.php to /admin and front end site for easy bookmarking and next steps userflow
  • Also default password added to admin/install.php so clearer how to log in before changing the default password in settings (short term access)


  • Redactor update to 2.12
  • Navigation in dashboard is now no longer hard coded and responding to lang files
  • Added Czech, Slovak and updated Polish, Hungarian to Redactor languages
  • Fixed language selection bug for Redactor
  • More width to inline editing so easier to edit
  • Fixed links so images appear in Redactor in demo site
  • German language file update
  • German fixes for special characters in backend and inline editing


How to get it

What's changed?

A lot! Keep reading.. get a coffee ☕️ and run through it:


  • Config.php now replaced by JSON storage in a folder called "pulsecore"
  • JSON will open up _lots_ of possibilities for 3rd Party Developers to get into :)
  • JSON also means password is now no longer able to be seen in plain text.  The password is hashed and salted and no longer printed naked in config file - using bcrypt. Is now as strong as the server and difficult to hack.
  • New settings page - control all from settings. No longer need to edit config.php when install just upload and go to /admin/ (password is "demo"). If want to edit on the code level pulsecore > storage > config.json / but shouldn't be needed. Config.php is just needed for the initial login.
  • Settings now has dropdown option for all time zones
  • You can now include blocks outside of the main Pulse page area and still process Pulse tags within them. E.g in template <?php include("path/block.txt"); ?> and tags inside Blocks will be processed
  • Pulsecore added to template.php to style core elements needed like buttons or blog tags, but designers can leave out or override with their stylesheets should they wish


  • New user "Editor" added. This user cannot see settings page and only edit content. Good for client user. Designer (admin) can change their password (which is also hashed) and add 2 step authentication. This also includes secure forgot password emailing functionality. 
  • Designer can also restrict what pages / blocks editor can edit. For example, just want to create a blog for a client, you can do that now. Or we definitely do not want editors going into the pages section. They already find it hard to understand the concept.  


  • Latest Redactor Editor includes many bug fixes, better mobile use, support for powerful codemirror in HTML mode, classes/ids on images for things like animation or lightboxes, added snippets (such as "more" for blog posts), can paste as plain text automatically and many more…
  • Redactor II added. Sharp and sleek icons in the toolbar and more plugin compatibility and bug fixes in the editor
  • Can use Redactor Editor on Pages or just HTML. No longer client scary!
  • Added "MORE" to Redactor toolbar
  • Redactor Font colour, Font family and Font size options added! 
  • Markdown now in Blocks
  • Issue with pasted links in a text.
  • Improved some improvements when a text inserting from MS Word
  • Spammails are annoying. Easily and securely paste an email address into a Block with a button - which auto makes mailto: and @ in the source code, so invisible to all spambots
  • Videos embedded from YouTube/Vimeo or other sites will be automatically responsive and display in columns of narrow width or on mobile devices.


  • Blocks can now move folders! There is a select below the text editor.
  • New page or block creation now has a radio button for "page" or "folder" and auto adds .txt to pages and blocks so more user-friendly.
  • Pages and Blocks creation - no need to type .txt! And if file or folder select from the radio buttons
  • Embed individual blocks on non Pulse template pages liken previous Pulse versions. Embed URLs are now included for blog, blocks and galleries to add to non Pulse template pages that are in the same folder (HTML and PHP options).


  • Forgot password added. Sends email to user registered in settings.
  • Customize login stylesheet added in admin / admin.css so designers can easily style the login page
  • 2 step authentication added - this is **_cool_** - so can lock down with smartphone verification for extra security with a secret key. Use Google Authenticator app to access Pulse admin, along with usual password.
  • Login has it's own CSS file login.css to make it easy to customize the login screen.
  • Gorgeous login UI added based on Justin from and his popular Aero login addon. Image, icon can be changed in the "Branding" folder and colors easy to change in the admin.css


  • Security fix for Contact Form - latest version of PHP Mailer added
  • Error reporting is now always on for developers
  • Various security fixes and tighten of file permissions and other things 
  • New tag to add One Time Password to any page on front-end - not just password plugin using: {{sb_login:test:1234567890:testblock}}
  • Latest jQuery included! (3.x.x)
  • Sanitisation for private directories and turning off access to private urls. Adding rules to the .htaccess to block access too.
  • htaccess and index.html files added in some directories to stop content and stats being reached from an absolute URL - more security features
  • Offsite emailed backup to admin's email so a backup is kept on the server and off the server. This can still be switched off in the settings.


  • Admin UI ships in English, German, Japanese, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Czech and Slovak. These can be easily changed in-app with the new Language Selector in Settings
  • WYSIWYG Editor is also translated to those language for a full localised experience 
  • Multilingual out of the box! Use the {{localizer:block}} tag to translate your content into any language you want. And use links like <a href="?locale=de">Deutsch</a> to change the language on your site.
  • UTF-8 in all blocks so non English characters now render correctly
  • More language variables added for Bounce rate in stats, Blog UI meta data, title, description and the embed instruction
  • Language variables added to signup / email list block


  • Sitemaps auto-generated and placed in root as sitemap.xml including blog posts
  • OGP Tags
  • Each blog post now has individual title + description meta tags - different to the blog page also which has it's own (SEO upgrade)


  • Breadcrumb, Mailchimp, Recent Posts, Googlemaps, Policy, Search, Gallery tags, Social, OGP, Dropzone (upload client files), Navigation, SB_login, Masonry, Thumbnail, Domain, Blog List, Blog Show.


  • Upload templates now possible from the admin! No need to SFTP to the server. Just upload a theme zip of the contents then select from the theme drawer in settings!
  • Themes chooser - you can add more themes in the template folder in sub-folders and select them from settings dropdown for easy template changing on the site.
  • Themes can also be set per page too for multi-theme sites.
  • Easy to flip front end home page from home > blog - if want to land on blog
  • Can flip admin landing page to dashboard, blog, stats etc for more customised login
  • There is now a google analytics placeholder replacement tag. Add this to template.php to be replaced by Google Analytics added to the settings in admin ui
  • The per page inline css/js and the general inline css/js in the settings page are now loaded for each page so you can overwrite the CSS/JS without looking in the template files on the server!
  • {{navigation}} tag added and it's autogenerated on load! The first run sets the menu up. This also includes sub-menu support and organisation (drag and drop sub too!) You can also easily hide menu entries, or delete items, that are no longer needed
  • There is now a "body tag helper". This adds classes to the body tag depending on the context of the page so that CSS can be targeting styles more closely. E.g style just the About page or just the Contact page with a separate stylesheet or styles


  • Plugins can now also be updated! Drop the Zip into settings then start using the Tag in your blocks and pages!
  • The number of Tag variables (for developers) is now 6


  • Custom post types added and a new Pulse tag. The idea is that a site selling books (for example) would have fields for ISBN, cover image, date published, price, availability etc. These can be created and managed from the settings panel. Then using the new tag, for example {{custom_post_type:book/hercules}} the custom post data will appear on the front end. Useful for listing data or create e-commerce sites.


  • Forms, Gallery, Slider tags better compatibility with Pulse in sub folders
  • Upload media now using drag and drop for multiple files and ease of use
  • Media files can now be moved into other gallery folders. Sub folders can be created too (new media button)
  • New Masonry tag {{masonry:gallery1}} has been added! Image galleries can be auto-formatted into a responsive masonry grid (the format for the masonry tag is {{masonry:gallery1:all}} The all parameter can be left off since its the default.)
  • Crop tool added so easily upload photos and then crop them to size without needing to use an external tool
  • Order images button in Media. Order images to latest uploaded. Handy if you want to show your latest images in a gallery / portfolio first (automatically). But want to show your best first? Re-order with drag and drop.
  • Upload images can now be resampled or original quality. Good for creating an upload repository for photographers for example.
  • Replace media link added - so can replace images in Media folder without having to delete, re-upload and then re-paste into Blocks. Overwrite with same filename
  • New Slider framework latest flexslider version and upgraded to new gal format so {{slide:gallery1}}. The slide is {{slide:gallery1}} and shows all images The slide uses the image alt and the link title attributes.
  • Images can now take links in the media page. The gallery.txt now can store a link url. This is done in the media item page where the caption and alt tags are set
  • New tag {{thumbs:gallery1}} is now added. This is using the new galley load/save code. This allows you to make thumbnail links to galleries for quick portfolio sites with multiple galleries
  • The admin gallery page now has an order button. This orders the galley items by upload/modification date
  • The media image edit now shows the alt tag text block. The captions editing/adding code has also been hugely reduced.
  • "Add image" in the editor now allows images to be selected from galleries and folders
  • The media image edit now shows the ALT tag text block. Images / gallery / slider images now all have the ALT tag along with Title tag for better SEO and accessibility purposes
  • Can now select media from sub-folders when editing blocks and pages - not just media root folder
  • The gal tag now accepts the number of images in the second parameter eg {{gal:gallery1:all}} or {{gal:gallery1:5}} for last 5 images...The size default is all, so that can be left off (with or without inverted "" commas for convenience - they get stripped out)
  • New lightbox gallery in the {{gal}} tag. Much better touch and responsive, modern gallery. The caption is set by the link title and image alt tags for better SEO


  • Modern, minimal and more user-friendly admin UI added! Beautiful responsive admin UI with a constant fixed sidebar and dropdown on mobile so all menu items, settings and help docs are just one-click away.
  • New Feature - Drag and drop navigation UI found under settings. Much easier to create navigation over sb_nav.txt for users who don't want to edit HTML links. You can also easily add sub-menu items, hide menu entries, or delete items, that are no longer needed.
  • "Branding" folder in Content>Media now includes all images to change branding. Logo, favicon, Apple Touch Icon and more in future. This is for easy replacement and also future images can go in here for easy changes by designer and user.
  • Added favicon + apple icon to login screen
  • If logged in, the top bar shows for logged in users on the front end (matching the settings) for short cut entries!
  • SweetAlerts added to user admin! Admin now gives alert messages of success, rather than just reloading to the dashboard. More intuitive. 
  • Front-end editing now available! If logged in and browse the site, the user can edit the content without visiting the admin panel!
  • Auto focus on input fields when page loads for easier user experience
  • Pagination inside admin is also improved. No longer just 10 blocks and "next" and "previous" but also numbers for exact selection and also the amount of blocks to be shown can be set in the settings. This is all part of the new gorgeous UI.
  • Active links added to navigation menu! User can see what page they are on (in the front-end sites)


  • Dashboard added! Now get quick shortcuts to all pages including last worked on blocks, blogs, backups quick links, last media added along with dates and file size. // (leaves space in future to be updated with notes spaces, down time, stats etc) - thanks to Tim Plumb of
  • New notes for clients on dashboard. Add Block dashboard-notes.txt (dashnotes) and anything you type in there will appear on the front after login. It's a space the developer can add notes such as shortcodes needed for site, add own contact details for contact etc..


  • The path is now auto detected - so install is just deploy to server and visit /admin - login with "demo" then go to settings and change what you need! 
  • Reqs information now included in admin/install.php for easier server checking after uploading (diag.php now install.php)
  • Recommend in most cases run the admin/install.php page firstly to auto-set the path, no need to set it and will run super smoothly!
  • Anyone still using less than PHP 5.6 gets redirected to install.php to make them realise they have to upgrade - even PHP 5.3 ended security support in August 2014! Minimum now PHP 5.6
  • PHP7 compatibility! Upgrade to PHP7 to get a really fast, secure and powerful website
  • Pulse no longer requires a serial number! Just install on as many sites as you want to make. 


  • Blog titles (filenames) can be anything - not “1.txt”, “2.txt” anymore! 
  • When creating a blog post just hit "create" - no need to label "filename.txt" anymore - auto assigns an ID so quicker to get going and less complicated! And goes straight to blog post to start typing. No need to see the .txt and get confused!
  • Blog ordering is done! Blog articles are now ordered by the published date in the calendar UI pickaday, and not the .txt string
  • The .txt extension is hidden on the admin blog/block/page list pages and dashboard and doesn't need to be shown during creation
  • Filenames of blogs hidden from list of blogs page so less confusing for users
  • Draft blog feature! Add "draft-" before blog file name to put it in draft mode so "draft-1". Delete "draft-" to put it live!
  • RSS now works with http or https + tag content now appears in rss.php
  • Blog page can now use an alternative template. In previous versions this wasn't possible and would result in a linking error
  • Migrate / Import blog feature! Import your Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, RapidWeaver or any blog using an RSS / atom feed and migrate to Pulse without manually porting it over! Text, videos and images included.
  • Blog import even more in-depth and powerful! Options added for the page extension name and max number of pages for a deeper and wider RSS crawl. It's now a more flexible approach to different kinds of sources and will loop through even long and heavy WordPress blogs over multiple pages with 100s of blog posts!
  • Blog now has tags in the META drawer, which can be seen on the front end too and when clicked show all posts in that tag. Blogs posts have the list of tags at the end of the post e.g. "#tag1 #tag2". If no tags are selected then the tag list at the end of the blog post does not appear.
  • Some great updates to the Blog engine. Now there are blog-related tags:

    {{blog:"":[[featured-image]] [[blog-content-loop(<<blog-item-author>> <<blog-item-date>> <<blog-item-featured-image>> <<blog-item-content>>)]]}}

    So you can layout if you want your blog page to show author (taken from admin or editor names) date, featured images (add in media folder "featured_images" and the main content) or move these around in order of appearance.  (The old {blog}} tag will still work. The first parameter to the blog tag is an optional prefix so passing an empty string keeps that working. You can add in here (without the "") the name of the blog to embed one of your blogs.  Any of the square bracket tags can be left off, although blog-content-loop is needed to show the items)
  • There is a tag widget for editing tags!
  • Gorgeous date picker added for blog posts!
  • The blog meta data for the date now uses the date format set in the config. The blog-item-date tag is responsible for formatting the date for display. Easier to setup and localisation!
  • The locale and timezone are now set in one place in settings
  • The date is now locale sensitive so dates showing in language and locale!
  • The settings have a blog date format which can be adjusted to include the day of week or time. The actual date still needs to be formatted here
  • Extra Meta data added for blog posts and pages. Checkboxes for nofollow/index and support for custom meta to fine-tune your SEO settings
  • Blogs now have a url meta field!
  • RSS blog import converts input to UTF-8
  • Blog layout now has Masonry option!! This can be found in the settings
  • Blog list tag added for listing short version of the blog list items {{blog-list:"blog"}}. This shows the title/author/date for a blog
  • Have more than 1 blog per Pulse site! New tag - "blog-show" for showing any blog. For the blogs, sub-folders in the blog directory hold the blog data. Its exactly like Pages/Blocks
  • Blog single posts now have "back" button to return to blog top page
  • Blog preview button has the proper single post blog link!
  • There is now a blog and page "duplicate" button to make it easier to add more of the same content
  • This includes featured images for blog posts!
  • Now add {{blog-tags}} (new tag) {{blog-tags:"blog"}} and prints all blog tags so can select what want to read - with numbers for amount of posts in each, and links!
  • Pagination is now also added for blog - so no longer just "next" and "previous" but numbers also for quicker access to bigger blogs


  • Stats UI improvements in some languages & more variables added
  • New Stats! Browsers, countries, devices and Systems added to stats package.


  • New - there is now a cache layer on the front end output so sites are much faster as the server doesn't have to render the plug-ins or do any file handling etc. so good for performance. Exists for 24 hours and can be switched on/off in settings
  • Cache added! So front end content appears faster and more reliable in the browser to speed up your Pulse sites even more!


  • Form fix to block page reload sending the email again
  • Form builder app - Just Forms added (to make multi-page interactive forms and surveys with form logic and stats)
  • New Just Forms Tag included in the Pulse Core. Just add {{justforms}} to any page followed by options for form ID and form height and you can easily embed your forms e.g {{justforms:formid:height}} so {{justforms:1:300}} 
  • Standard Contact form auto responder for the {{form}} tag - any contact form submissions will automatically receive a thank you email from the admin address in config.php. You can change the message in the language files
  • Form now has SMTP settings in the settings page
  • reCAPTCHA added to the built-in contact {{form}} tag
  • Config / settings edit option for contact form subject line has been added
  • Option added to easily redirect {{form}} tag to a page upon successful submission. More than just a success message this can take users to a "thank you" page.

And a whole variety of bug fixes (loads), problems and issues overcome and cleaned up!

Pulse 4.7.2

How to get it

  • Added to your Pulse Account Dashboard for easy access.
  • Free update to all 4.x users!

    Don't forget to buy your license for using Pulse on a live / remote server!

How to install it

  • Upload all files to your Pulse folder, except for "content" and "template" folders
  • Take a backup before this step in case something goes wrong. Easiest way to do this is download content>backups and the latest backup zip file.
  • Upload and enjoy!

What's changed?

Pulse 4.7.2


  • Media folders can now be edited from the admin UI again

Pulse 4.7.1


  • Security fixes to make Pulse even more secure
  • Just Forms tag update
  • Links to added
  • No more Base64 code so extended compatibility with more shared hosts

Pulse 4.7


  • New Just Forms Tag included in the Pulse Core. Just add {{justforms}} to any page followed by options for form ID and form height and you can easily embed your forms e.g {{justforms:formid:height}} so {{justforms:1:300}}  // Requires a Pulse Cloud subscription to make awesome forms
  • Gorgeous new default theme! Colourful, bright and simple - shows the power of Pulse and finally modernises the default site. Uses two alternate templates too, to show that in action
  • Standard Contact form auto responder for the {{form}} tag - any contact form submissions will automatically receive a thank you email from the admin address in config.php. You can change the message in the language files
  • Blog single posts now have "back" button to return to blog top page
  • Minimum PHP version now 5.6!



  • Security fix for Contact Form - latest version of PHP Mailer added
  • Path bug crept in with Pulse installs in the root and galleries - all fixed up
  • Blog URL moved in config.php to "Blog" so not easily missed!
  • Sortable gallery list now shows no bullets
  • Archive button on blogs fix for RapidWeaver sites
  • Template.php and contact form errors are now fixed 
  • Help now opens in new window

Pulse 4.6.2


  • Blog import even more in-depth and powerful! Options added for the page extension name and max number of pages for a deeper and wider RSS crawl. It's now a more flexible approach to different kinds of sources and will loop through even long and heavy WordPress blogs over multiple pages with 100s of blog posts!
  • Blog page can now use an alternative template. In previous versions this wasn't possible and would result in a linking error



  • Contact form errors when email sent are now fixed
  • Add note in config file for jpeg compression so clearer applies to height of image
  • Some session login errors that were appearing in some rare cases are now fixed 

Pulse 4.6.1


  • Blog import - improve handling of HTML in the description/content fields
  • Blog import better compatibility with RSS feeds from specific systems like Armadillo for RapidWeaver
  • Blog import new requires input for better usability - no blank screens!
  • Forms, Gallery, Slider tags better compatibility with Pulse in sub folders
  • Stats UI improvements in some languages
  • More language variables added for Bounce rate in stats, Blog UI meta data, title, description and the embed instruction
  • For sure this time: Ordered lists and un-ordered lists now appear in editor
  • Stats now appear clearly on smaller devices, such as iPhone 5, without getting squashed
  • Top referrer links in Stats now link to the referred sites correctly
  • Added note for config.php and image compression so clearer what happens

Pulse 4.6


  • Migrate / Import blog feature! Import your Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, RapidWeaver or any blog using an RSS / atom feed and migrate to Pulse without manually porting it over! Text, videos and images included.
  • Draft blog feature! Add "draft-" before blog file name to put it in draft mode so "draft-1.txt" etc. Delete "draft-" to put it live.
  • New Pulse logo added to admin UI and login
  • Colours updated for hierarchy and on brand
  • Updated UI - removed footer - version number added to config file and help added to header
  • "Update" is removed from the footer as Pulse is now available to download on site, newsletter list and so on
  • Japanese included as default included language (with English and German)
  • Upload images can now be resampled or original quality. Good for creating an upload repository for photographers for example.
  • Markdown now included in Blocks also
  • Default timezone now JP baby!
  • Reqs information now included in admin/install.php for easier server checking after uploading (diag.php now install.php)
  • Anyone still using less than PHP 5.2 gets redirected to install.php to make them realise they have to upgrade - even PHP 5.3 ended support in August 2014!


  • Gallery outline bug fixed
  • Top referrers in Stats links now fixed
  • Ordered lists and un-ordered lists now appear in editor
  • Security fix
  • Various RSS & Blog error fixes
  • RSS now works with http or https + tag content now appears in rss.php

Pulse 4.5.2

-Full SSL compatibility with themes and the admin backend
-More white-label controls: CMS name in footer
-Update to latest Pulse CMS code feature built-in to footer *To update:* 
-Replace admin/inc/lang/english.php and deutsch.php
-Replace admin/css/admin.css
-Replace admin/index.php
-Replace admin/inc/login.php

Pulse 4.5.1

-Fixed thumbnail variable name in config.php, should be $thumbnail_height, not $thumb_height

Pulse Classic 3.5.7

-Image chooser fixed in redactor 

Pulse 4.5

-Jpeg image resizing and optimization added to media uploader To Update: -Replace /admin/ -Add $jpeg_quality and $jpeg_size variables in config.php (see default config.php in 4.5)

Pulse 4.4.4

-TimThumb script depreciated (No longer maintained) and replaced with simple css resizing. To Update: Replace /inc/gal.php then delete /inc/plugins/cache and /inc/plugins/timthumb.php The '$thumbnail_width' variable can also safely be deleted in config.php 

Pulse 4.4.3

-Parsedown updated -Redactor updated -Minor visual tweaks To Update: replace /admin/ and /inc/


-Fixed an issue with gallery captions. To Update: replace inc/tags/gal.php 


-A slider option was added to galleries (Flexslider). New embed codes added. For example: {{slide:galleryname}} -Redactor updated to latest version with fullscreen button in WYSIWYG and code modes To Update: replace '/admin' and '/inc' folders 

-Image previews for images in media folders, helpful when re-ordering a gallery
-Redactor updated to 10.2.1
-Minor visual and code tweaks

-Redactor updated to 10.1.3 with new cursor position sync feature:  See demo
-jQuery updated to latest version
-Several tooltips added in the admin to help explain functionality
-Bug fixed in gallery (Occured when upper case extension used)
-Tag parsing code added to blog, allows you to embed a galley within in a post. (Thanks to Tim Plumb)
-Parsedown updated to latest version

-Added the option to anonymize tracked IP addresses for the stats feature.

-Updated Redactor to v10.10
-Added tables plugin to redactor
-Changes made to login script to make it compatible with more hosting environments

-Updated Redactor to v10.0.8
-Fixed blog date bug that only affected some versions of PHP (Thanks to Peter M.)

3.5.6 (Pulse Classic)
-Updated Redactor to v10.0.8

-Bug fixed, media files can now have upper or lower case extensions (JPG or jpg)
-New Pulse Tag added: {{email-list}} 
-Adds a newsletter subscribe field - sends data to block

-Improvements to inc/tags/form.php - Multi word labels wont cause problems now, better email validation
-Redactor updated to ver 10.0.7 -

-Yet another gal.php path fix, gallery paths should work in all situations now.

-Added embed tag hints in blocks, blog, media -Magnific Popup updated to v1.0 -Minor design changes

-Fixed path issue in inc/tags/gal.php

-Fixed no delete button on pdf
-Fixed pdf broken link when in sub-folder
-Fixed broken image paths on galleries embeded into sub-folders
-Removed ability to create sub-folders inside of sub-folders in media folder.
-Updated to latest version of redactor, Read notes.
-Other minor fixes and improvements

-Added blog titles next to file name in admin 
-Fix to auto backup, was not including blocks 
-Fix to gallery pagination

-Security fix added to admin/inc/gal-sort.php

-Stats feature added 
-Link to media added in pages, blocks, blog

-Apostrophes now work properly in page meta 
-Design tweaks

-Fixed issue with special chars not rendering correct on some servers. 
-Updated diag.php file now included in /admin. Use for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

-Support for multimple templates added. 
-When a new block/page/blog/folder is created, you are redicted directly into it. 
-Back button hotkey disabled to prevent potential data loss while adding content 
-Page title language added to lang files. 
-Minor css tweaks

-Pulse CMS has been completely rewritten, this version is not compatible with 3.x versions.

-Important security update (replace entire "includes" folder to patch) - Credit to Paul B.

-Disable auto backup of zip extension not loaded

-Security improvements to login.php

-Magic quotes disabled at runtime, improves compatibility with some hosts 
-Form fixes, line breaks now work properly

-Bounce Rate added to stats 
-Redactor updated to 9.2.5 -
-"Read More" button for blog posts added to redactor toolbar 

-Trial version now available 
-Redactor updated to 9.2.4 -
-Auto Backup feature added 
-Login bug fixed

-Redactor updated to 9.2.2 - More info:
-Changes to update.php - please run - adds extra security 
-Form.php code improvements

-Big code cleanup to blog.php - now easier to customize presentation code 
-Added date formatting control in settings for blog and comments 
-Minor style updates to blog 
-Fixed bug in backup, was not including pages

-Bug fixed in form.php, fixed broken path when using in sub-folder 
-Bug fixed in pages, now deletes meta info when page deletes. 
-Redactor updated to 9.2.1 
-Pluploaded updated to latest version, fixes issues with some browsers 
-Flexslider and Mangnific popup both updated to latest releases 
-Tim thumb updated

-Redactor updated to 9.2 (Major update) -

-Added "Home" option in settings. Allows you to set the page Pulse admin starts on. 
-Added hidden link in admin footer to temporarily show hidden (using hide.css) features.

-Fixed blog comments bug introduced in 3.3

-Workflow improvements: stay within a Folder when creating/deleting Blocks to that Folder

-Home icons replaced with persistent navigation 
-Many design improvements 
-Comment counts now displayed next to blog title in admin 
-Page & block names now display in page title (useful while editing in multiple tabs) 
-Now using custom build of Jquery UI, this reduced file size overhead from 300K to 30K 
-Backups now sorted by newest first

-Preview button added to pages 
-URL now shown in pages 
-Page title and description now stored separately and have their own text fields

-Language file handling improved. Drop any lang file into includes/lang/

-Redactor updated to 9.1.9 (Fixes IE 11 issues and more) 
-Plupload updated to 2.0 
-Backup rewritten to work better on newer versions of PHP (5.4+)

-Changes to index.php(controller) and .htaccess 
-Allows blog to be embedded on any url when using the Pulse template system 
-Redactor updated to 9.1.8 
-Minor visual updates to admin area

-Encrypted the cookie used for login 
-PHP Mailer now used for the contact form (Includes support for SMTP authentication) 
-Redactor updated to 9.1.7 
-Flexslider updated to 2.2 
-Magnific Popup (Lightbox for gallery) updated to 0.9.8

-Improvements to form.php, recent.php, rss.php. 
-Added some additional security to login.php

-Fixed a bug that stopped the responsive toggle nav from working in iOS 7 
-To patch, replace template/js/nav-toggle.js

-Fixed path issue in gallery.php and gallery2.php

-Fixed path issue in blog.php and form.php

-Pages feature added 
-Redactor 9.1.4

-Stats page overhaul 
-Redactor 9.0.4 
-Block sorting changed, folders first 
-CSS targeting of blocks, each block now has its name in the css class so you can hide

-It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPER BLOCKS! If a block name is prefixed with sb_ it is a "Super Block" meaning it has no WYSIWYG editor, just a raw textarea that allows ALL code types: JS, PHP, etc. 
-Frontend template updated

-Cleanup/Consolidation of Code 
-Redactor 9.0.3

-PHP tags now allowed in blocks 
-Visual notifications when saving to blocks/blog/gallery 
-Redactor updated to 9.0.1 
-TimThumb server compatibilty greatly improved 
-Deleted blog posts now return a proper 404 code (So google gets rid of it) 
-New full screen mode for iOS when button added to homescreen 
-Workflow improvements: instead of things like "Block has been created, Go back" it just creates the block and shows all blocks. This tpye of change has been applied to 7 or 8 interactions reducing the amount of clicks required to do many of the tasks in Pulse making it smuch smoother to use.

-Redactor 9.0 -

-New feature: blog search 
-Slimbox replaced by Magnific Popup -
-Plupload updated to 1.5.7

-New stlyesheet in pulsepro/css/hide.css, lets you hide features of pulse (Credit to Tim Plumb for inspiration) 
-Minor cosmetic css changes

-Added option to rename existing blocks 
-Added option for setting the gallery thumbnail size in settings 
-Optional form fields can now be added from the form admin, can also disable captcha 
-Captcha can be disabled for blog, in settings 
-Reponsive nav added for frontend template (resize browser to view) and other design improvements 
-You can now have multiple thumbnail galleries on one page 
-Redactor updated to 8.2.5 
-Several bug fixes

-Drag and drop gallery image re-ordering 
-Dedicated square thumbnail images (Previously just css scaled) 
-Access logs - Recorded history of logins for security audits 
-Frontend theme improvements 
-Png & Gif added to gallery file types 
-Gallery Upload size now 5mb 
-Slimbox IE 9 bug fixed 
-Slimbox theme updated 
-Layout bug in blog when comments disabled fixed 
-Bug in backup fixed (Was not backing up "files" folder) 
-Redactor updated to 8.2.3 (V9.0 coming soon)

-Brand new frontend template built on the Kube CSS framework
-Blog comments can now be turned on/off individually by blog post 
-Redactor updated to 8.2.1 
-German language file for redactor now included by default (switch it on in includes/header.php) 
-Various other small fixes/tweaks

-Image sorting in the gallery 
-Redactor updated to latest version

-New UI - Responsive & Retina graphics 
-Gallery preview now has both styles (slider and thumbs) on one page 
-Both gallery embed codes (slider and thumb) in each gallery, no need to switch in settings 
-New stat, online users 
-Redactor upgraded to 8.1 
-Jpegs uploaded to blocks/blog auto resize to max size of 800x800

-The stats feature now uses a Javascript embed code and is MUCH more accurate 
-New stat added: pages per visit 
-A new default block with calendar template is included for creating an events page 
-The new comment notification email now shows the users name and the comment right in the email 
-Redactor upgraded to the new 8.02 version 
-JQuery upgraded to v1.8 
-Many small design improvements on the frontend and backend 
-Under the hood: blog.php code base completely overhauled, new front controller in place

-Two security vulnerabilitys patched. (Thanks to Miladin)

-CKEditor has been replaced by Redactor, a fantastic jquery based editor. ( 
-Flexslider upgraded to v2.0

Important: (In addition to the usual upgrade instructons, you must add a folder called 'files' to your 'data' folder.) 

-CKEditor has been upgraded to the latest version (3.6.3) 
-KCFinder has been updated, improves compatibilty with hosts, new theme 
-Double posting of comments to the blog (via refresh) is no longer possible 
-Captcha added to form (same as blog) 
-Form data in both the blog and form is now persistent - even if an error occurs, no need to re-enter data (Thanks to Peter Nagl) 
-The recent posts (recent.php) file has some minor fixes for improved compatibilty - should work better in sidebar situations (Thanks to Peter Nagl) 
-JQuery has been updated to the latest version 
-There is now a character limit of 1000 chars. on a blog post comment for security

-Galleria replaced by Flexslider 
-Possible to add php code in blocks (just need to uncomment a line in ckeditor/config.js) 
-Google + share button added to blog 
-Small fixes to the contact form.

-Custom fields added to form.php (Contact form) 
-Gallery sorting changed, newest photos appear first

-Email notifications for new comments 
-Stats feature revamped and a bug fixed 
-Persistent login (via cookie), stay logged in for 7 days unless logged out 
-Ability to delete backups from admin 
-Slimbox theme (thumbs gallery) customized, must clear cache to view. 
-Security patch added 
-Bug fix, can no longer overwrite block with same name 
-Galleria plugin (slider gallery) updated to 1.2.6

-Visitor stats feature added

-Recent posts feature added (The embed code is with the regular blog embed code) 
-Social media sharing buttons added to blog posts 
-Some inconsistencies cleaned up on forms (blog & contact) 
-Other minor cosmetic tweaks

-Complete redesign of backend 
-New file manager implimented for better compatibility. Also adds new features like folders, drag drop, rename, etc 
-CKEditor updated to v 3.6.2 (Will be compatible with iOS 5 when released) 
-Gallery uploader (plupload) updated with fixes. Safari joins chrome & firefox in drag and drop functionality.

-Official frontend template now included

-German language now officially supported in Pulse Pro 
-Fixed a file manager bug that affected some hosting environments 
-Addresses an issue with the gallery uploader and chrome v11

-Captions feature added to gallery&nb

-Gallery uploader improved w/ image resizing & safari drag and drop 
-Remove formatting button added to editor toolbar 
-Embed codes changed to relative paths

-Support for URL rewriting of blog URLs added

-File Manager upgraded ( 
-Improvements to form.php 
-Ckeditor update - 3.5.1 
-jQuery update - 1.5

-New Feature: Contact Form 
-Fixed bug where the "Read More" feature would not work with comments disabled

-Added blog teaser feature (Read more button) 
-Fixed image delete bug in gallery

-Added date format setting on settings page for international users 
-Fixed issue in gallery that affected some users with solaris based servers 
-Fixed bug in RSS feed (rss.php only file changed)

-New Multi-File, Drag and Drop Image Uploader for the gallery 
-jQuery updated to 1.4.3 
-CKEditor updated to 3.4.2 
-Table editor now included in default ckeditor install

-New settings page added to admin 
-Securty patch for blog 
-Bug fixed in thumbs gallery 
-Zip & doc added to allowed upload types 
-Blog html output formatting cleaned up

-Added option to choose between two gallery styles; thumbnails or slider

-New Gallery 
-Two bugs fixed in blog 
-CKEditor 3.4 
-Embeds re-designed (Hidden)

-reCAPTCHA removed, new captcha installed

-Move Blocks 
-Delete Blocks 
-Language File

-Security patch, fixed an issue where an unauthorized user could potentially delete a blog post

-Added ability to upload PDF's using the link tool 
-.htaccess file added to blocks folder for added security

-Support for multiple galleries added 
-CKEditor 3.3 
-Captcha themes added

-Comments system added to blog

-App architecture modified (MVC), no new features

-Server Browser / Image Uploader Added to WYSIWYG editor 
-Image manager becomes dedicated gallery as its no longer needed to insert images to blocks/blog

-Security Updates

-RSS support added to Pulse Pro Blog 
-Blog Themes slightly modified for improved compatibility (CSS) 
- IMPORTANT: Multiple security vulnerabilities patched! 
-CKEditor updated to version 3.2 
-Logout button added 
-UI enhancements 

-Pulse Pro Initial Release 

-Blog Engine Introduced

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