Pulse CMS Download and Demo

After you've bought Pulse CMS you can install Pulse on any of your own (or your client's servers). We don't host it. You have control of that 👍

Here's how:

Pulse CMS (self-hosting)

Login to your Pulse CMS account and navigate to "self-hosted" and download the latest build. You'll need to upload these files to your server and install in the usual 45-second way.

To activate your site and make sure it works on a live server, you'll need to enter the serial number and also activate the domain in your cloud account. 

1. Copy and paste your serial number shown here into config.php on line 10, save and enter the URL of the domain of this site in you Cloud account under "self-hosted" as above. 

2. Press the "+" to add it to your dashboard, and then press the ✅ check and it will become activated!

You can now launch and activate as many sites as you want for you and your clients, using your serial number and your dashboard. 

Add as many sites as you want for you or your clients and build your design business on Pulse CMS.

Pulse Demo

You can test the online Pulse demo in a few ways:

  1. See a demo site and edit it
  2. Download a server test to see if your server can run Pulse (most likely yes it can)
  3. See a file browser of the Pulse download file structure, to give you a quick idea how easy and light it all is

Go and try it all out here!

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