Version History

Release notes, version history and update information.

Pulse 4.7.2

How to get it

  • Added to your Pulse Account Dashboard for easy access.
  • Free update to all 4.x users!

    Don't forget to buy your license for using Pulse on a live / remote server!

Get your Pulse CMS license

Valid for as many sites as you wish.  Get it here from Pulse Site

How to install it

  • Upload all files to your Pulse folder, except for "content" and "template" folders
  • Take a backup before this step in case something goes wrong. Easiest way to do this is download content>backups and the latest backup zip file.
  • Upload and enjoy!

What's changed?

Pulse 4.7.2


  • Media folders can now be edited from the admin UI again

Pulse 4.7.1


  • Security fixes to make Pulse even more secure
  • Just Forms tag update
  • Links to added
  • No more Base64 code so extended compatibility with more shared hosts

Pulse 4.7


  • New Just Forms Tag included in the Pulse Core. Just add {{justforms}} to any page followed by options for form ID and form height and you can easily embed your forms e.g {{justforms:formid:height}} so {{justforms:1:300}}  // Requires a Pulse Cloud subscription to make awesome forms
  • Gorgeous new default theme! Colourful, bright and simple - shows the power of Pulse and finally modernises the default site. Uses two alternate templates too, to show that in action
  • Standard Contact form auto responder for the {{form}} tag - any contact form submissions will automatically receive a thank you email from the admin address in config.php. You can change the message in the language files
  • Blog single posts now have "back" button to return to blog top page
  • Minimum PHP version now 5.6!



  • Security fix for Contact Form - latest version of PHP Mailer added
  • Path bug crept in with Pulse installs in the root and galleries - all fixed up
  • Blog URL moved in config.php to "Blog" so not easily missed!
  • Sortable gallery list now shows no bullets
  • Archive button on blogs fix for RapidWeaver sites
  • Template.php and contact form errors are now fixed 
  • Help now opens in new window

Pulse 4.6.2


  • Blog import even more in-depth and powerful! Options added for the page extension name and max number of pages for a deeper and wider RSS crawl. It's now a more flexible approach to different kinds of sources and will loop through even long and heavy WordPress blogs over multiple pages with 100s of blog posts!
  • Blog page can now use an alternative template. In previous versions this wasn't possible and would result in a linking error



  • Contact form errors when email sent are now fixed
  • Add note in config file for jpeg compression so clearer applies to height of image
  • Some session login errors that were appearing in some rare cases are now fixed 

Pulse 4.6.1


  • Blog import - improve handling of HTML in the description/content fields
  • Blog import better compatibility with RSS feeds from specific systems like Armadillo for RapidWeaver
  • Blog import new requires input for better usability - no blank screens!
  • Forms, Gallery, Slider tags better compatibility with Pulse in sub folders
  • Stats UI improvements in some languages
  • More language variables added for Bounce rate in stats, Blog UI meta data, title, description and the embed instruction
  • For sure this time: Ordered lists and un-ordered lists now appear in editor
  • Stats now appear clearly on smaller devices, such as iPhone 5, without getting squashed
  • Top referrer links in Stats now link to the referred sites correctly
  • Added note for config.php and image compression so clearer what happens

Pulse 4.6


  • Migrate / Import blog feature! Import your Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, RapidWeaver or any blog using an RSS / atom feed and migrate to Pulse without manually porting it over! Text, videos and images included.
  • Draft blog feature! Add "draft-" before blog file name to put it in draft mode so "draft-1.txt" etc. Delete "draft-" to put it live.
  • New Pulse logo added to admin UI and login
  • Colours updated for hierarchy and on brand
  • Updated UI - removed footer - version number added to config file and help added to header
  • "Update" is removed from the footer as Pulse is now available to download on site, newsletter list and so on
  • Japanese included as default included language (with English and German)
  • Upload images can now be resampled or original quality. Good for creating an upload repository for photographers for example.
  • Markdown now included in Blocks also
  • Default timezone now JP baby!
  • Reqs information now included in admin/install.php for easier server checking after uploading (diag.php now install.php)
  • Anyone still using less than PHP 5.2 gets redirected to install.php to make them realise they have to upgrade - even PHP 5.3 ended support in August 2014!


  • Gallery outline bug fixed
  • Top referrers in Stats links now fixed
  • Ordered lists and un-ordered lists now appear in editor
  • Security fix
  • Various RSS & Blog error fixes
  • RSS now works with http or https + tag content now appears in rss.php

Pulse 4.5.2

-Full SSL compatibility with themes and the admin backend
-More white-label controls: CMS name in footer
-Update to latest Pulse CMS code feature built-in to footer *To update:* 
-Replace admin/inc/lang/english.php and deutsch.php
-Replace admin/css/admin.css
-Replace admin/index.php
-Replace admin/inc/login.php

Pulse 4.5.1

-Fixed thumbnail variable name in config.php, should be $thumbnail_height, not $thumb_height

Pulse Classic 3.5.7

-Image chooser fixed in redactor 

Pulse 4.5

-Jpeg image resizing and optimization added to media uploader To Update: -Replace /admin/ -Add $jpeg_quality and $jpeg_size variables in config.php (see default config.php in 4.5)

Pulse 4.4.4

-TimThumb script depreciated (No longer maintained) and replaced with simple css resizing. To Update: Replace /inc/gal.php then delete /inc/plugins/cache and /inc/plugins/timthumb.php The '$thumbnail_width' variable can also safely be deleted in config.php 

Pulse 4.4.3

-Parsedown updated -Redactor updated -Minor visual tweaks To Update: replace /admin/ and /inc/


-Fixed an issue with gallery captions. To Update: replace inc/tags/gal.php 


-A slider option was added to galleries (Flexslider). New embed codes added. For example: {{slide:galleryname}} -Redactor updated to latest version with fullscreen button in WYSIWYG and code modes To Update: replace '/admin' and '/inc' folders 

-Image previews for images in media folders, helpful when re-ordering a gallery
-Redactor updated to 10.2.1
-Minor visual and code tweaks

-Redactor updated to 10.1.3 with new cursor position sync feature:  See demo
-jQuery updated to latest version
-Several tooltips added in the admin to help explain functionality
-Bug fixed in gallery (Occured when upper case extension used)
-Tag parsing code added to blog, allows you to embed a galley within in a post. (Thanks to Tim Plumb)
-Parsedown updated to latest version

-Added the option to anonymize tracked IP addresses for the stats feature.

-Updated Redactor to v10.10
-Added tables plugin to redactor
-Changes made to login script to make it compatible with more hosting environments

-Updated Redactor to v10.0.8
-Fixed blog date bug that only affected some versions of PHP (Thanks to Peter M.)

3.5.6 (Pulse Classic)
-Updated Redactor to v10.0.8

-Bug fixed, media files can now have upper or lower case extensions (JPG or jpg)
-New Pulse Tag added: {{email-list}} 
-Adds a newsletter subscribe field - sends data to block

-Improvements to inc/tags/form.php - Multi word labels wont cause problems now, better email validation
-Redactor updated to ver 10.0.7 -

-Yet another gal.php path fix, gallery paths should work in all situations now.

-Added embed tag hints in blocks, blog, media -Magnific Popup updated to v1.0 -Minor design changes

-Fixed path issue in inc/tags/gal.php

-Fixed no delete button on pdf
-Fixed pdf broken link when in sub-folder
-Fixed broken image paths on galleries embeded into sub-folders
-Removed ability to create sub-folders inside of sub-folders in media folder.
-Updated to latest version of redactor, Read notes.
-Other minor fixes and improvements

-Added blog titles next to file name in admin 
-Fix to auto backup, was not including blocks 
-Fix to gallery pagination

-Security fix added to admin/inc/gal-sort.php

-Stats feature added 
-Link to media added in pages, blocks, blog

-Apostrophes now work properly in page meta 
-Design tweaks

-Fixed issue with special chars not rendering correct on some servers. 
-Updated diag.php file now included in /admin. Use for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

-Support for multimple templates added. 
-When a new block/page/blog/folder is created, you are redicted directly into it. 
-Back button hotkey disabled to prevent potential data loss while adding content 
-Page title language added to lang files. 
-Minor css tweaks

-Pulse CMS has been completely rewritten, this version is not compatible with 3.x versions.

-Important security update (replace entire "includes" folder to patch) - Credit to Paul B.

-Disable auto backup of zip extension not loaded

-Security improvements to login.php

-Magic quotes disabled at runtime, improves compatibility with some hosts 
-Form fixes, line breaks now work properly

-Bounce Rate added to stats 
-Redactor updated to 9.2.5 -
-"Read More" button for blog posts added to redactor toolbar 

-Trial version now available 
-Redactor updated to 9.2.4 -
-Auto Backup feature added 
-Login bug fixed

-Redactor updated to 9.2.2 - More info:
-Changes to update.php - please run - adds extra security 
-Form.php code improvements

-Big code cleanup to blog.php - now easier to customize presentation code 
-Added date formatting control in settings for blog and comments 
-Minor style updates to blog 
-Fixed bug in backup, was not including pages

-Bug fixed in form.php, fixed broken path when using in sub-folder 
-Bug fixed in pages, now deletes meta info when page deletes. 
-Redactor updated to 9.2.1 
-Pluploaded updated to latest version, fixes issues with some browsers 
-Flexslider and Mangnific popup both updated to latest releases 
-Tim thumb updated

-Redactor updated to 9.2 (Major update) -

-Added "Home" option in settings. Allows you to set the page Pulse admin starts on. 
-Added hidden link in admin footer to temporarily show hidden (using hide.css) features.

-Fixed blog comments bug introduced in 3.3

-Workflow improvements: stay within a Folder when creating/deleting Blocks to that Folder

-Home icons replaced with persistent navigation 
-Many design improvements 
-Comment counts now displayed next to blog title in admin 
-Page & block names now display in page title (useful while editing in multiple tabs) 
-Now using custom build of Jquery UI, this reduced file size overhead from 300K to 30K 
-Backups now sorted by newest first

-Preview button added to pages 
-URL now shown in pages 
-Page title and description now stored separately and have their own text fields

-Language file handling improved. Drop any lang file into includes/lang/

-Redactor updated to 9.1.9 (Fixes IE 11 issues and more) 
-Plupload updated to 2.0 
-Backup rewritten to work better on newer versions of PHP (5.4+)

-Changes to index.php(controller) and .htaccess 
-Allows blog to be embedded on any url when using the Pulse template system 
-Redactor updated to 9.1.8 
-Minor visual updates to admin area

-Encrypted the cookie used for login 
-PHP Mailer now used for the contact form (Includes support for SMTP authentication) 
-Redactor updated to 9.1.7 
-Flexslider updated to 2.2 
-Magnific Popup (Lightbox for gallery) updated to 0.9.8

-Improvements to form.php, recent.php, rss.php. 
-Added some additional security to login.php

-Fixed a bug that stopped the responsive toggle nav from working in iOS 7 
-To patch, replace template/js/nav-toggle.js

-Fixed path issue in gallery.php and gallery2.php

-Fixed path issue in blog.php and form.php

-Pages feature added 
-Redactor 9.1.4

-Stats page overhaul 
-Redactor 9.0.4 
-Block sorting changed, folders first 
-CSS targeting of blocks, each block now has its name in the css class so you can hide

-It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPER BLOCKS! If a block name is prefixed with sb_ it is a "Super Block" meaning it has no WYSIWYG editor, just a raw textarea that allows ALL code types: JS, PHP, etc. 
-Frontend template updated

-Cleanup/Consolidation of Code 
-Redactor 9.0.3

-PHP tags now allowed in blocks 
-Visual notifications when saving to blocks/blog/gallery 
-Redactor updated to 9.0.1 
-TimThumb server compatibilty greatly improved 
-Deleted blog posts now return a proper 404 code (So google gets rid of it) 
-New full screen mode for iOS when button added to homescreen 
-Workflow improvements: instead of things like "Block has been created, Go back" it just creates the block and shows all blocks. This tpye of change has been applied to 7 or 8 interactions reducing the amount of clicks required to do many of the tasks in Pulse making it smuch smoother to use.

-Redactor 9.0 -

-New feature: blog search 
-Slimbox replaced by Magnific Popup -
-Plupload updated to 1.5.7

-New stlyesheet in pulsepro/css/hide.css, lets you hide features of pulse (Credit to Tim Plumb for inspiration) 
-Minor cosmetic css changes

-Added option to rename existing blocks 
-Added option for setting the gallery thumbnail size in settings 
-Optional form fields can now be added from the form admin, can also disable captcha 
-Captcha can be disabled for blog, in settings 
-Reponsive nav added for frontend template (resize browser to view) and other design improvements 
-You can now have multiple thumbnail galleries on one page 
-Redactor updated to 8.2.5 
-Several bug fixes

-Drag and drop gallery image re-ordering 
-Dedicated square thumbnail images (Previously just css scaled) 
-Access logs - Recorded history of logins for security audits 
-Frontend theme improvements 
-Png & Gif added to gallery file types 
-Gallery Upload size now 5mb 
-Slimbox IE 9 bug fixed 
-Slimbox theme updated 
-Layout bug in blog when comments disabled fixed 
-Bug in backup fixed (Was not backing up "files" folder) 
-Redactor updated to 8.2.3 (V9.0 coming soon)

-Brand new frontend template built on the Kube CSS framework
-Blog comments can now be turned on/off individually by blog post 
-Redactor updated to 8.2.1 
-German language file for redactor now included by default (switch it on in includes/header.php) 
-Various other small fixes/tweaks

-Image sorting in the gallery 
-Redactor updated to latest version

-New UI - Responsive & Retina graphics 
-Gallery preview now has both styles (slider and thumbs) on one page 
-Both gallery embed codes (slider and thumb) in each gallery, no need to switch in settings 
-New stat, online users 
-Redactor upgraded to 8.1 
-Jpegs uploaded to blocks/blog auto resize to max size of 800x800

-The stats feature now uses a Javascript embed code and is MUCH more accurate 
-New stat added: pages per visit 
-A new default block with calendar template is included for creating an events page 
-The new comment notification email now shows the users name and the comment right in the email 
-Redactor upgraded to the new 8.02 version 
-JQuery upgraded to v1.8 
-Many small design improvements on the frontend and backend 
-Under the hood: blog.php code base completely overhauled, new front controller in place

-Two security vulnerabilitys patched. (Thanks to Miladin)

-CKEditor has been replaced by Redactor, a fantastic jquery based editor. ( 
-Flexslider upgraded to v2.0

Important: (In addition to the usual upgrade instructons, you must add a folder called 'files' to your 'data' folder.) 

-CKEditor has been upgraded to the latest version (3.6.3) 
-KCFinder has been updated, improves compatibilty with hosts, new theme 
-Double posting of comments to the blog (via refresh) is no longer possible 
-Captcha added to form (same as blog) 
-Form data in both the blog and form is now persistent - even if an error occurs, no need to re-enter data (Thanks to Peter Nagl) 
-The recent posts (recent.php) file has some minor fixes for improved compatibilty - should work better in sidebar situations (Thanks to Peter Nagl) 
-JQuery has been updated to the latest version 
-There is now a character limit of 1000 chars. on a blog post comment for security

-Galleria replaced by Flexslider 
-Possible to add php code in blocks (just need to uncomment a line in ckeditor/config.js) 
-Google + share button added to blog 
-Small fixes to the contact form.

-Custom fields added to form.php (Contact form) 
-Gallery sorting changed, newest photos appear first

-Email notifications for new comments 
-Stats feature revamped and a bug fixed 
-Persistent login (via cookie), stay logged in for 7 days unless logged out 
-Ability to delete backups from admin 
-Slimbox theme (thumbs gallery) customized, must clear cache to view. 
-Security patch added 
-Bug fix, can no longer overwrite block with same name 
-Galleria plugin (slider gallery) updated to 1.2.6

-Visitor stats feature added

-Recent posts feature added (The embed code is with the regular blog embed code) 
-Social media sharing buttons added to blog posts 
-Some inconsistencies cleaned up on forms (blog & contact) 
-Other minor cosmetic tweaks

-Complete redesign of backend 
-New file manager implimented for better compatibility. Also adds new features like folders, drag drop, rename, etc 
-CKEditor updated to v 3.6.2 (Will be compatible with iOS 5 when released) 
-Gallery uploader (plupload) updated with fixes. Safari joins chrome & firefox in drag and drop functionality.

-Official frontend template now included

-German language now officially supported in Pulse Pro 
-Fixed a file manager bug that affected some hosting environments 
-Addresses an issue with the gallery uploader and chrome v11

-Captions feature added to gallery&nb

-Gallery uploader improved w/ image resizing & safari drag and drop 
-Remove formatting button added to editor toolbar 
-Embed codes changed to relative paths

-Support for URL rewriting of blog URLs added

-File Manager upgraded ( 
-Improvements to form.php 
-Ckeditor update - 3.5.1 
-jQuery update - 1.5

-New Feature: Contact Form 
-Fixed bug where the "Read More" feature would not work with comments disabled

-Added blog teaser feature (Read more button) 
-Fixed image delete bug in gallery

-Added date format setting on settings page for international users 
-Fixed issue in gallery that affected some users with solaris based servers 
-Fixed bug in RSS feed (rss.php only file changed)

-New Multi-File, Drag and Drop Image Uploader for the gallery 
-jQuery updated to 1.4.3 
-CKEditor updated to 3.4.2 
-Table editor now included in default ckeditor install

-New settings page added to admin 
-Securty patch for blog 
-Bug fixed in thumbs gallery 
-Zip & doc added to allowed upload types 
-Blog html output formatting cleaned up

-Added option to choose between two gallery styles; thumbnails or slider

-New Gallery 
-Two bugs fixed in blog 
-CKEditor 3.4 
-Embeds re-designed (Hidden)

-reCAPTCHA removed, new captcha installed

-Move Blocks 
-Delete Blocks 
-Language File

-Security patch, fixed an issue where an unauthorized user could potentially delete a blog post

-Added ability to upload PDF's using the link tool 
-.htaccess file added to blocks folder for added security

-Support for multiple galleries added 
-CKEditor 3.3 
-Captcha themes added

-Comments system added to blog

-App architecture modified (MVC), no new features

-Server Browser / Image Uploader Added to WYSIWYG editor 
-Image manager becomes dedicated gallery as its no longer needed to insert images to blocks/blog

-Security Updates

-RSS support added to Pulse Pro Blog 
-Blog Themes slightly modified for improved compatibility (CSS) 
- IMPORTANT: Multiple security vulnerabilities patched! 
-CKEditor updated to version 3.2 
-Logout button added 
-UI enhancements 

-Pulse Pro Initial Release 

-Blog Engine Introduced

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